Giclee Method Prints

Are you looking for Giclee prints? Perhaps you are, or perhaps you need the French term translated.means spray or squirt in reference to liquid, and  Giclee  is used to describe the printing process.

This process is digital inkjet printing, which uses prime quality pigment inks. This method allows artists to produce accurate reproductions of paintings and drawings and is popular with artists wishing to sell prints of their work on demand and to a wider audience. The latest pigment inks give such quality finish to the final print that giclee prints are fast becoming collectible items among museums and art galleries.

Why use Gicee Masters?

Well, because we offer quality (art reproduction using the latest Giclee printing technology and OEM inks), experience (over 30 years of it), value (our prints are of the highest archival quality yet still come at a low price) and convenience (well done Interlink).

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At Giclee Masters we focus on fine art and the reproduction of art. We take pride in the excellent relationships we have with our clients and artists alike, and work to provide an efficient, thorough, end-to-end service to suit your needs and requirements. We offer prints you can be proud of, prints with a high quality professional finish, prints that are affordable.

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