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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a giclée print?


Giclée' is a French word meaning 'a spray or a squirt of liquid'. The term 'giclée print' is used to describe the giclée printing process. Images generated from high resolution digital scans are printed with archival quality inks onto various fine art media including canvas, fine art watercolur, and photo-base paper. The giclée printing process provides far superior colour accuracy than any other type of reproduction.

How many prints do I have to order?


The benefits of having your art scanned means we can store your files and print on demand the quantity that you require from 1 to 100 or many more, it's entirely up to you, although remember prices do reduce the more you order.

How long will my prints last?


Under normal lighting conditions, our archival inks printed on either Epson printers last at least 75 years or more. We recommend visiting Wilhelm-Research for more information regarding longevity of inks.

Can you print from my scan?


We can print from any file, but cannot guarantee to match your original without any colour references. If you have a print you're happy with we would endeavor to match that print as closely as possible.

Will the colours on my screen match the prints you supply?


Unfortunately not. The way a picture appears on your screen depends on many things including your screen settings, colour, contrast, brightness and colour profile. The same picture will appear differently on different screens. The same image printed on different media by different printers will also print differently. For this reason the best way to achieve a perfect colour match is for us to both scan and proof your artwork.

What's the difference between giclée and litho prints?


The most important difference is the archival ability of the inks used. Giclée printing uses pigment inks which can last up to 200 years when stored correctly. This archival quality is NOT achieved with litho prints using dye-based inks which will fade and lose their colour within a very short time and will not offer such a wide colour gamut.

How long does it take?


When we receive your art we aim to return a proof for your inspection within 5 working days. Once the proof has been signed off we then aim to supply your prints within 2-3 days although where stretching and embellishing is required more time is required.

What size art can you scan?


Artwork up to as large as 6' x 4' foot can be scanned. For pictures any larger please call: (01443) 842 308

How will I get my artwork to you?


We can arrange third party collection with our courier Interlink.

Is canvas going to be more expensive?


No, we don't charge extra for canvas.

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The most important stage in the reproduction process is the origination. With more than 30 years in the photographic profession we utilise our skills, experience and specialist equipment to perfectly match your prints, paying close attention to the fine detail and colours used in your artwork to give you a virtual clone. This attention to details is extremely important because if any detail is lost at the scanning stage the final print quality will not match your original.

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