Giclee Prints

Artists who use the giclee printing technique to disseminate their work find this method of reproduction a less painstaking process than that of lithography, for example. Giclee prints are more vibrant and more faithful to the original, picking up on the hues and tonalities contained within the first image.

The many advantages of giclee printing include:

  • Digital prints can be reproduced in different sizes, allowing the artist to meet the requirements of each individual client
  • The artist has the ability to manipulate the process to make print editions which can become works of art in their own right
  • Giclee Prints give artists the freedom to take control of the new production of their work, including being able to make any final colour corrections
  • Giclee Prints give artists a means of being able to print their work if and when they receive an order from a client
  • Giclee printing offers one of the highest degrees of accuracy available through any of the reproduction techniques
  • Gicle printing allows a choice of medium to match the original paper of canvas as closely as possible.
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