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Giclée Printing Technique

27th April 2023

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Why Artists use Giclée Printing Techniques

What's Involved with Giclée Printing Techniques

The first and most important aspect by far is the scanning of the original artwork. To capture it in all of its glory and to protect it, the best choice is to use a Betterlight scanner. This scanner is combined with a large format camera which scans the original to capture the image. Use of the Betterlight scanner avoids direct contact with the original artwork and as such, insures against any damage to your original.

Once you are satisfied with the image file of the original you can proceed to the next stage. It is worth taking the time to approve the scan. Any loss of clarity at this stage will come through on all subsequent print. Ensure you are happy with the scan before proceeding.

Once happy, printing the artwork should be done by a specialist Epson printer which have won the acclaim of the Fine Art world thanks to their exceptional colour gamut and archival qualities achieved in highly detailed prints. These printers are capable of producing a very wide colour gamut, perfect for reproducing original artwork to the highest possible standard.

Digital Copy

One of the great aspects of transferring artwork using the giclée printing technique is that it stores the scan as a digital file. Like standard photographs, this means the image can be converted to a desired size, and digital effects can be added if required. If you have original artwork you want preserved, why not call 01443 842 308 or contact us through our website.

Preserve your artwork forever.