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What is Giclée Printing

16th June 2023

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Simply put, giclée printing is a form of digital inkjet printing and the term is taken from the French word meaning spray or squirt. For this kind of printing, the paper used to print the final piece must be of archival quality. This paper gives longevity to the print and it is the best option in terms of colour reproduction.

Giclée printing produces rich colour shades, due in part to the quality of the pigment ink used. Giclée prints are as long-lasting as any other work of art on paper, and are now increasingly being displayed in some of the worlds most noted museums and art galleries.

The advantages of giclée printing can be first realised by artists who, in using giclée prints to distribute their work to a wider audience, have found it a less painstaking process than other forms of printmaking, such as etching or lithography. With giclée printing the end result is more authentic, more vibrant, and perhaps more in tune with the original piece of artwork. Given their quality and the fact that the digital image can be reproduced to almost any size, if you are looking to purchase a giclée print, many options are open to you. To find out more visit Giclée Masters.