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Giclée Printing

14th July 2023

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For all those artists out there you will doubtless have come across the term giclée printing, if only in passing. It currently stands as the best means of reproducing works of fine art as it ensures accuracy, high quality colour matching and longevity.

It comes as no surprise that the most important stage of the entire process is in the scanning the initial stage. The print must be matched as precisely as possible, so the person commissioned to produce the giclée print must have an exceptional eye for colour and detail. If the scanning process is not fully successful, then the finished product will not be up to standard.

The cost of giclée printing, though not exorbitant, is worth the cost. If properly cared for by its owner a giclée print should have a life span of over a hundred years, outliving all those associated with its creation.

At Giclée Masters we have giclée printing down to a fine art, with experience gained by successfully completing fine art printing projects for professional establishments. Giclée prints are fast becoming collectors items and are generally worth the investment, but if you are buying a giclée print from a gallery or similar establishment, make sure you know whether you are buying the original or the reproduction. This should be made clear, but the very nature of giclée printing is such that it can be tricky to note the difference.