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Create Stunning Giclée Prints

8th September 2023

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Just how do you create stunning giclée prints?

As fine art reproductions, giclée prints have the power to stop people in their tracks and wonder whether or not they are looking at an original piece of art or a giclée reproduction. Even the artist might not be able to spot the difference. Fine art reproduction - giclée printing - has become an art in itself. Giclée prints are now the choice of many artists. The process of creating a stunning giclée print involves a combination of digital technology, state of the art equipment, and a good eye for colour matching. This method of reproduction is revolutionary because its the only method which produces a new work of art to rival the original.

Reproducing fine art prints in this way is an advantage to artists who dont find it feasible to mass produce their work. If an artist has people willing and wanting to buy their work, then giclée prints allow them to print their work on demand. With gicee prints, the artist can request for identical prints to be produced at any point in the future.