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Canvas finishes

Giclée canvases are usually stretched or bonded to board and displayed with no glass, and so are unprotected from general handling. For this reason it is recommended to protect the image by using either a varnish or laminate.

Both varnishes and laminates can give the full variety of finishes from matt to gloss. Each covering enhances the prints to give the deeper saturation and density that oils and acrylics achieve.

When varnishing we can apply either by brush to achieve the texture you want (either subtle or highly textured), or apply as a spray to achieve a perfect overall finish.

Paper finishes

Laminated finishes are another way to enhance your paper prints. We offer smooth, matt, semi-matt or gloss finishes.

This technique applies the laminate precisely to the image area leaving a matt white border all around.

This process is widely used by leading publishers to further enhance artwork originated using oils and acrylics. It really gives depth to what is a flat print compared to the original. This process also adds a very robust finish to your print making it almost impossible to scratch, as well as protecting from most other handling issues.

Did you know we also do...


To complete the reproduction process, after printing and mounting your art we can also frame it in any moulding of your choice.

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